The SALSA Scheme is run as a sustainable not-for-profit operation. It is specifically designed to offer an affordable low-cost certification service for small- and micro-sized food producers that provides extensive guidance to members. 

Suppliers need to purchase a package deal to become members of the SALSA scheme. This package deal includes both annual membership and also the cost of the half-day SALSA site audit.

The annual costs associated in gaining approval are:

SALSA Package Deal:
(annual membership and SALSA site audit)

SALSA Package 'Extra':
(membership, audit and a day's mentoring at a discounted rate)


Non-standard audits:

If your business has relocated, has multiple sites or operates in multiple sectors that you would like approved please contact the SALSA helpline for full-day and other audit prices.

Depending on location, remote audit surcharges for auditor travel expenses and audit scheduling window restrictions may apply. Please see below under 'Other charges' for details and contact SALSA Operations on 01295 724 248 if you have any queries.


SALSA plus Cheese:

A SALSA plus Cheese audit is designed to accommodate the requirements of the Specialist Cheesemakers Association (SCA).  The audit includes the SALSA standard plus a dedicated section on cheesemaking.  The associated costs in gaining approval are:

SALSA plus Cheese Audit: £760
SCA Membership: You must be an SCA member to apply.
Contact the SCA for details (


SALSA plus Beer:

A SALSA plus Beer audit has been developed in association with Cask Marque.  The audit includes the SALSA standard plus a dedicated section on brewing.  The associated costs in gaining approval are:

SALSA plus Beer Audit:                                         


SALSA Package 'Extra' plus Beer:



Other charges:

Charges apply for various Member account services, including:

  • Change of approval scope                                  £20
  • Remote audit surcharge                                     £85 (applies to audits in UK islands. May apply to other locations also – SALSA Operations will advise if remote audit surcharges apply for your business)

Audit scheduling window restrictions apply to audits on UK islands (please contact SALSA Operations for details of audit window timings). Standard remote audit surcharge applies for audits within audit windows on UK islands. Further travel surcharges may apply for audits required outside of audit scheduling windows.

Please contact SALSA Operations for details of charges for other account services


Prices from 2nd January 2018 and are subject to VAT


An easy to follow diagram of the approval process and a step
by step guide to a successful audit. SALSA User Guide



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