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Anna Taggart (Owner)

07919 332650

07919 332650

Yummy Bakes NI
14 Wood Grange
BT37 0WG

Yummy Bakes NI

The Yummy Bake mission is to fuse together the uncompromised values of traditional home baking with the modern convenience of a ready to bake product. Using traditional baking methods and only the freshest of ingredients, once prepared all products are instantly frozen, packed and distributed to the customer so that they can be baked-off freshly every day. It really is 'home baking made easy'. Products include scones, speciality wheels, a range of biscuits, cookies and yummy cakes.

Primary Field of Business: 2.6.2 Bakery Products

Cakes and Pies Small Cakes
Crisps, Biscuits and Nuts Biscuits

Type of Business: Sole Trader
F/T Production Staff: 1 - 5
P/T Production Staff: 1 - 5
Trading Period: All Year Round