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Contact Details:

Martin Pain (General Manager)

01525 402348

The Cottage Bakery Ampthill Ltd
61-63 Dunstable Street
MK45 2NQ

The Cottage Bakery Ampthill Ltd

Manufacture of Bread and bread products, Cakes and Bakery items

Lge T/S White, Lge T/S White Farmhouse, Sml T/S White, Lge T/S Brown, Sml T/S Brown, Lge T/S Multigrain, Salt & Pepper sticks, Tiger top sticks, Pk8 White finger rolls, Pk8 White baps, Olive Rolls, Pk5 Olive Rolls, Pk5 White long seeded rolls, Pk8 Brown baps, Pk5 Multigrain points, Pk8 Multigrain finger rolls, Pk8 Multigrain bapsPk12 Mixed dinner rolls, Pk10 Mixed fancy rolls, Sml Walnut bloomer, Sml Tiger rolls, Sml Salt & Pepper cob, Lge speciality plait, Sml Nutty bloomer, Sml Tomato bloomer, Sml Onion bloomer, Sml GI, Olive Ciabatta loaf, Tomato Ciabatta loaf, Onion Ciabatta loaf, Garlic ciabatta, Nutty ciabatta,

Primary Field of Business: 2.6.2 Bakery Products

Bread White Bread
Brown Bread
Seeded Bread
Speciality Bread
Bread Rolls

Type of Business: Limited Company
F/T Production Staff: 11 - 20
P/T Production Staff: None
Trading Period: All Year Round

SALSA Approved
The Cottage Bakery Ampthill Ltd has been APPROVED by SALSA
View their SALSA Certificate here