5 Minutes with Branded Cuppa

Branded Cuppa is a family business, based in Bury St Edmunds. Dan Sharps works alongside his wife and his mother producing bespoke branded sachets of black tea. They had their first SALSA audit in January 2022, gaining their certificate in March with very few action points.  Their auditor, Liz Rouwenhorst told us,

“Branded Cuppa have worked hard and thoroughly to achieve the SALSA standard without any outside help whatsoever. Their beautifully presented procedures are a true family effort and their packing machines are both from Argentina and have been cared for by Dan so they still look new.  In my opinion, true SALSA Stars!”

We talked to Branded Cuppa about their experience,

Why did you choose SALSA?
We have always had high standards in the factory. But, over the last few years, our customers have been increasingly asking, on behalf of their clients, if we have any certification for health and safety, food standards etc. It's frustrating having to answer 'no' to these enquiries. Our working methods meant we had the processes and procedures in place but not the paperwork trail to evidence it. A supplier suggested SALSA to us, and it felt like a good fit.

How did you find implementing the Standard?
Implementing the standard was challenging but rewarding. We decided to overhaul our systems simultaneously while working towards accreditation. These changes meant we could make SALSA part of our workflow rather than having additional paperwork. We're a small company, so time is limited. Although our approach was more time-consuming, we hope to see benefits in the long run. Integrating SALSA into a new system gives us the flexibility to adapt to future company developments and future SALSA requirements more efficiently.

How did you find your audit?
Our audit was comprehensive but also rewarding.  Our auditor was very knowledgeable, professional and helpful. She worked with us through each stage and clearly explained any areas needing improvement.

Branded Cuppa