SALSA Star - Osborne's!

Osborne's joined SALSA earlier this year with the aim of gaining their SALSA Certificate within 12 months.  Sally Osborne told us,

"Seeking SALSA approval was a natural step for us following our investment into our state of the art cockle processing factory in 2020.

The process began with a mentoring coach – Steve Cadwallader, whose in depth knowledge and understanding of our business, including our products, the HACCP process and the requirements to meet SALSA was critical to help us achieve the standard. 

Having SALSA ensures that our standards are verified by an independent body.  SALSA is recognised by many customers, both wholesale and retail and creates opportunities to develop our products in new markets that we would previously have been unable to."

Working with a SALSA Mentor can help a business prepare for their audit and feel more comfortable about the process.  Osborne's mentor, Stephen Cadwallader told us,

"I was first asked by the Osborne family to help them secure site approval for their new cooking operation. It was clear from the start that the team were committed to the highest standards of production and SALSA was an obvious next step in the growth of the business. SALSA certification has opened the door to the next steps in expanding the range of products and markets including UK retailer interest in cooked British shellfish."

Congratulations to Osborne's, to find out more about SALSA Mentoring please visit the SALSA Mentor Directory.