Fix8 On This!


Last year this exciting fermented drinks business moved premises and therefore undertook two SALSA audits within 12 months.  They prepared well for both audits, using SALSA Guidance Notes and Tools & Tips.  As a result they had no Corrective Actions at either audit. Congratulations Fix8for being our #SALSA Stars!

"We are committed to giving our consumers the best possible experience when they consume our fermented soft drinks, in particular, the cravable buzz and complex flavours that consumers love.  We also promise our business partners that Fix8™is a product that they can have confidence in.  Gaining and maintaining our SALSA accreditation demonstrates our working practices deliver on that promise.  Working closely with an experienced SALSA mentor, who made extensive use of the SALSA materials,  we were able to prepare for the audit in the most efficient way and achieve a clean pass first time.  A big thank you to the SALSA  auditor, Simon, who was thorough and inquiring but constructive and supportive during each audit." Chris Heaney, Head Brewer, Fix8

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