Developing UK SME food and drink businesses for the global market

Small to medium-sized enterprises stimulate the marketplace by providing much needed innovation and entrepreneurial drive and are vital to the health of a national economy.   

BRCGS, the global organisation that improves brand confidence through rigorous supply chain assurance services and manage nearly 30,000 manufacturing sites worldwide, have teamed up with SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approval), the widely recognised UK food safety certification scheme designed for smaller food producers and processors.  

Whilst SALSA provides an ideal solution for many small and micro food producers within, some will want to access international markets and further develop their approach to product safety and quality. This exciting new collaboration between BRCGS and SALSA will see suppliers who have grown and flourished under the SALSA Scheme, being able to transition to the new

BRCGS START! programme.  BRCGS START!  is a learning and development approach that both supports operational teams in small businesses and provides clear instruction on how to meet the requirements of a fully recognised GFSI benchmarked Standard - ideal for those who are looking to move towards globally recognised Standards.  

 “We are delighted to be working with an organisation like SALSA. This exciting partnership provides a road map for those suppliers who have successfully grown as SMEs within the SALSA Scheme and want to move to the next stage using a structured approach to achieve full BRCGS certification”. Tessa Kelly, Regional Director, EMEA BRCGS  

Chris Grimes, SALSA Scheme Director adds, “The UK is home to a wealth and diversity of innovative, niche and traditional food and drink manufacturers and SALSA is proud to assist and support these businesses as they grow and develop within our scheme. Our members look to us to help them make the most of market opportunities wherever they exist and this exciting new partnership will enable SALSA Approved suppliers to further develop their international credentials.” 

Waitrose & Partners has long worked to support and develop its community of smaller suppliers. Jane Duddle, Partner and Product Integrity and Risk Manager, Waitrose & Partners comments, “BRCGS START! is a great learning and development approach for suppliers wanting to gain full BRCGS accreditation. Together with the SALSA Scheme, there is a clear and logical pathway of progression which supports the development of food safety standards within businesses as they grow.  These Standards both acknowledge the achievements suppliers have made and support their future ambitions.”