Morrisons Local Foodmakers Event Darlington, 20th June 2018

Morrisons Local Foodmakers Event – Darlington, 20th June 2018 

At Morrisons, we want to feed the nation with a bigger portion of food and drink that is sourced from local suppliers. That’s why we’re now starting a fresh search for

a new crop of foodmakers - who we hope can grow with Morrisons and maybe even become household names in their own right.

As such, we are continuing our search for more local Food Makers in the North East of England and are holding an event in Darlington on 20th June. If you think that Morrisons customers in your local area would love to buy your products then please apply via this link -

The closing date for applications is 13th June and we will be inviting successful applicants to meet our buyers, local store colleagues and customers in Darlington.


Please note that for the following product areas, we have a minimum technical accreditation requirement of SALSA  - 


Cold smoked fish, ready to eat e.g. smoked salmon

Ready to Eat crustaceans (cooked prawns, mussels)

Prepared fruit, vegetables & nuts

Soft / mould ripened cheese

Cooked meat and fish

Raw cured and fermented meat and fish eg. salami,

Ready Meals


Ready to Eat desserts / savoury (pies)

Pasteurised Ice cream / Yogurt with Additions

Fruit Juice

Unpasteurised Hard Cheese

Any product making Free From allergen claim

Low/high acid products in cans/jars,

Bakery Products Short Shelf Life Chilled Ready To eat

Products Packed in Glass Bottles