The Turmeric Company - Going places fast with SALSA Approval

Karen Wilson of SALSA talks ‘shotmaking’ with Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu, CEO and Founder.

‘Every single ingredient we use is 100% fresh and organic. We are also Vegan and Gluten-free certified - core values we will never compromise.’  

KW:  What exactly is a turmeric shot?

HRK: In essence, our 60ml shots are a liquid extraction of fresh turmeric root, blended with other natural super foods, to make a delicious health-boosting product that’s 100% bioavailable with no added sugars or sweeteners.  Instead, the sweet, earthy taste comes from immune boosting super-foods including watermelon, pomegranate and pineapple.

KW: Tell me about your range – and your SALSA Approval 

HRK: Just one year on, and with a first SALSA Approval under our belts, the Company employs six full-time staff who produce an average of 5000 shots every week in 3 different flavours:  Nature’s Remedy - our original, Turmeric Fused with Ginger and Turmeric Fused with Coconut.

As a new company experiencing exciting growth, we found the audit process with SALSA was extremely efficient and seamless.  Using fresh produce with a shelf-life of two weeks post-production and a necessity for chilled storage, SALSA certification was essential in ensuring quality control throughout the production and delivery process. Our auditor was fantastic, offering advice on how best to upscale and maintain the required standards as we grow.

KW: Who are your biggest fans?

HRK:  Each of our customers has their own reasons for taking our shots and we are serious about wanting to help every one of them maintain good health. Whether it’s to reduce inflammation, enhance their energy through natural nutrition or to simply help prevent illness in the future.

Achieving SALSA certification has facilitated The Turmeric Co to supply a growing list of health food stores, gyms and retailers in the near future along with their own ‘customer-tailored’ online shop and Amazon account. They are now able to grow and fulfil direct sales across the UK.

Please note everyone!  The England Rugby team orders 500 shots every single week – enabling our plans to expand and add new innovative flavors to the range.  We also have some exciting new snacks making its way to the family... Watch this space!

Catch us in 2018 at these events:  Vegan Life Live, The National Running Show, Body Power and Plant Based Live.  We would love to meet you to tell you more about our development plans.

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