Tesco looks for SALSA-approved businesses to take the BackIt journey

Tesco is on the lookout for SALSA-approved businesses to get involved and grow with their Tesco BackIt crowd funding Scheme

Does your business need additional funding to help get you to the next stage of planned growth?

Are you looking to place your products in front of more consumers and be noticed by the UK's largest retailer?

If so, TESCO BackIt has the answer!

Since launching in October 2016, Tesco BackIt has already helped 12 UK food & drink businesses to successfully raise additional finance, the scheme is always on the lookout for more businesses manufacturing in SALSA-Approved sites to take part.

Tesco BackIt gives you the opportunity to raise the funding you need to take the next step up in your business, whether that's to help with new product development or to attend a trade show. Simply set your funding target and think about the great rewards you can offer in return and watch the pledges roll in. Tesco BackIt doesn't take a commission on your campaign, so all the money you raise goes straight to your business.


Tesco BackIt is about a lot more than just crowdfunding. After running a successful campaign, your business will be entered into the Tesco BackIt mentoring programme, attend a meeting with the relevant category buyer and be invited to an Engagement Day set up to give you an insight into what it takes to work with Tesco.

Currently, RETROCORN, a SALSA-Approved business has a campaign running through Tesco BackIt. Greg Taylor, Director at RETROCORN says, 'Tesco BackIt campaign has given me the opportunity to promote my unique brand of popcorn. Being recognised by the UK's leading retailer, Tesco has helped RETROCORN receive some much-needed funding and awareness to support our growth plans for 2017. Working with the team who help support you on this journey has been great with advice to help keep those pledges coming in.' Greg's campaign is soon drawing to a close so if you love popcorn and want to help a small business check out his page here: https://backit.tesco.com/p/retrocorn

For more information about BackIt please visit: https://backit.tesco.com or message backit.suppliers@uk.tesco.com