Lancaster Brewery first in Lancashire to achieve SALSA plus Beer Standard

Lancaster Brewery is toasting its success after being the first brewery in Lancashire to gain the new and highly prized SALSA plus Beer certfication.

Currently held by only 54 of the 1,500 breweries across the UK, The SALSA plus Beer Standard encourages excellence in the brewing and bottling industry and aids breweries in demonstrating accountability and traceability to the national companies they supply.

SALSA  plus Beer standard has been developed in association with Cask Marque, an independent accreditation body, to offer small and micro-sized brewers a Standard tailored to the scale and structure of their operation and to allow approved members to approach buyers with reinforced confidence in their craft ales and beers. Audits for the SALSA plus Beer are undertaken by specially trained auditors with extensive experience of the brewing industry.

Director of Lancaster Brewery, Phil Simpson, said: “Lancaster Brewery’s SALSA plus Beer certification is very well deserved and I don’t think people realise just how difficult it is to achieve this award. There are so few small breweries that have got anywhere near this quality standard – it’s the brewing world’s equivalent of a Michelin star. Matt and I would like to say a massive well done to all the team at Lancaster Brewery on this fantastic achievement.”

Lancaster Brewery’s Managing Director Matt Jackson also commented: “The SALSA plus Beer certification is a real mark of quality for Lancaster Brewery and we passed with flying colours.  In the next few years, quality standards such as this will become the norm for micro-breweries like ourselves, so fortunately for us we’re two years ahead of the game and can confidently provide our suppliers with our accredited, quality product.”

For more information about Lancaster Brewery, please see the SALSA Directory or visit their website: