The Friday Beer Co. set for growth with SALSA!

Founded in 2011 by three material scientists, The Friday Beer Company focused from the outset on producing premium bottle-conditioned ales. Using the latest state-of-the-art equipment, they produce a range of beers that customers have found irresistible. The business is based in the Victorian spa town of Malvern, famous for its spring water, Morgan cars, radar -  and Sir Edward Elgar,  C S Lewis and J R R Tolkien to name a very few!

The Friday Beer Co has five recipes including Black Hill Stout, a full bodied version of the drink with chocolate and coffee flavours, and Friday Gold, ale with a biscuit sweetness and a citrus note.  All five ales been crafted by a dedicated team of 5 employees. Detailed experimentation and systematic tasting has established an outstanding range of beers. The brewery currently supplies Harrods and many prestigious wine merchants, hotels, restaurants and pubs in the region from Wales to the Cotswolds – and even produce a special edition of bottles for Worcester University and the Worcester Wolves Basketball Club, Arena Golden Ale.

This year, The Friday Beer Co undertook a period of expansion. A successful crowdfunding campaign enabled the brewery to invest in new tanks and a larger brewing system, increasing their production capacity to approximately 130,000 bottles per year alongside several hundred casks.  Also in 2016, Gerald Williams, Director, decided to gain SALSA plus Beer certification in order drive sales, secure new contracts and ensure future growth. The business joined SALSA in April, was successfully audited in August and proudly gained certification in September - just six months on from joining SALSA!  Gerald commented, ‘Gaining certification has been a great asset to the business.  Not only has it met the needs of our customers, we have also found that completing the process has vastly improved the operation of the whole business on every front.’

The SALSA plus Beer Certificate for the Company arrived at exactly the same time as the brewery rolled out their first Pilsner-style lager, Bagnères Bière Blonde which is brewed using Malvern’s famous spring water. This is close to becoming the brewery’s first export product – and will be sold in the bars, hotels and restaurants of Bagnères de Bigorre, a spa town in the Pyrenèes that recently twinned with Malvern and the nearby ski resort of La Mongie. This new lager has already received excellent reviews only a few short weeks after launch. Bagnères Bière Blonde will hopefully be selling and enjoyed in the ski resorts of the Pyrenées this winter!    A votre santé!

The next stage of growth is dependent on sales to larger companies and supermarkets across the UK. ‘We aspire to grow this business and clearly SALSA certification is essential for sales discussions with larger national-scale outlet,’’ adds Gerald. 

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