SALSA acceptance widens to the public sector

Another milestone in the recognition of the Standard, SALSA members are now able to take advantage of new public sector market opportunities and benefits through a new SALSA-STS certification alliance.

STS, the Surrey-based company which provides UK-wide supplier certification of food safety, for food businesses, have confirmed their acceptance of SALSA approval into their existing supplier assessment programme. 

This recognition means that SALSA is now accepted by STS’s large public sector clients – most notably the NHS throughout the UK, and several local authorities.   STS’ code of practice and technical standards are benchmarked against the Global Standard Food Safety Initiative.

Neil Rush, Managing Director of STS states, ‘We fully support and accept the SALSA standard for small and micro-sized producers supplying our other public and private sector clients.  The Standard provides a recognised, robust and effective certification for the UK’s small and local suppliers.  The addition of SALSA to the STS supplier assessment programme offers many benefits for both approved suppliers and public sector buyers in terms of market opportunities.’

The STS approval also represents significant cost benefits for the producer.  Previously, suppliers were required to be audited by separate auditing bodies if wishing to supply different public sector organisations but STS’ recognition of the Standard now streamlines the process, with SALSA approval now meeting the requirements of all buyers in the public sector. 

Chris Grimes, SALSA Scheme Director says, ‘We are delighted that the SALSA standard is now recognised by STS. SALSA now plays a unique role in the ever-growing number of small and local food producers being granted approval to supply both public and private sector clients. We have been committed to gaining acceptance by the public sector and this outcome supports and endorses the strength and credibility of the SALSA Standard within the UK.