Audit work is allocated centrally by SALSA operations to the Auditor who is closest to the Supplier and with the matching 'field of experience' the Supplier requires.  A 'standard' audit takes place over a five-hour period plus one hour of online reporting back at your base. The actual time spent with the Supplier will vary dependent on size, readiness and other circumstances. Auditors are paid on completion of the work by SALSA at a fixed rate.


Suppliers opting to hire Mentors, either directly or through local funding initiatives, will appoint them directly. Only SALSA approved Mentors will be permitted to work on the scheme and by publishing guidelines for day rates in the Member's section of this website, we ensure there is a level playing field for our approved Mentors work.

How much work can you expect?

How much auditing and mentoring work you receive will depend very much on the success of the scheme in your region. As an approved Mentor, SALSA provides marketing support tools to help you generate interest in the scheme in your local area.