Suppliers joining SALSA have access, through an exclusive online directory, to approved SALSA Mentors who can help them achieve and maintain the standard. Mentors apply to and are accepted by SALSA through the same process as Auditors.  Criteria governing the scheme ensure that Mentors cannot be Auditors for the same Supplier. 

There is strong support for the scheme's mentoring principal from the leading Buyers who already use SALSA as part of their due-diligence process. Many Buyers with local sourcing initiatives undertake mentoring themselves but find it difficult to keep up with the demand in this rapidly growing area. SALSA gives these Buyers an alternative, local resource to help them.

SALSA also provides a framework within which, local Suppliers could qualify for funding of mentoring through local support organisations.  SALSA has been successful in attracting several funding packages on a local and regional basis from Regional Food Groups, Enterprise Agencies, Sector Schemes, Local Authorities, Business Links etc.