Jollyum enjoys dairy-free success thanks to SALSA / Soil Association Dual Audit

Yorkshire-based Jollyum was one of the first businesses to go through the Dual Audit option for certification by both SALSA and the Soil Association.

The Company makes its own luxury dairy-free ice cream alternative, using organic soya, and needed SALSA certification in order to supply large retailers such as Holland & Barrett and Morrisons.  Their desserts are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and are also lactose, gluten and egg-free. 

Dual Audits are conducted by SALSA-approved Auditors, also qualified as Soil Association Inspectors, who carry out the audit against both Standards on the same day.  Businesses eligible to apply for the Dual Audit must hold a current Soil Association Certification licence and have opted for the regular SALSA audit.    

Andrew Robson, Jollyum Co-Founder and MD commented, 'Having both audits on the same day makes a lot of sense for a small business like ours. With a small team, the production, management and admin roles are much more integrated, so any time away from those areas needs to be maximised, to say the least.  Due to a certain amount of overlap in the information required by both bodies, it was actually quicker than we expected it to be.  Our SALSA Auditor couldn't have been more helpful, guiding us expertly through the whole process.'

Sally Ball, SALSA Marketing & Client Relations adds, ‘There are many common areas covered by both Standards.  This dual, or ‘combined’ audit, represents significant time, cost and resource savings for small suppliers who wish to be certified by both bodies.’  

 Holding certification for both SALSA and Soil Association is already opening new doors for Jollyum. ‘Having SALSA as well as Soil Association certification in place has been a massive positive for our business!  We’re getting a lot of interest from retailers, many of whom require a supplier to have both Approvals before they will even look at a product.’

For more on Jollyum, please visit their website:  and for more on the benefits of a SALSA/SA Dual Audit, click: Dual Audit.